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Nhưng - But

Nhưng means but, or however, in Vietnamese.

Nhưng, like but, expresses an opposing or contrasting clause or sentence. Conveniently, it is used exactly like but, or however, in English! Sometimes you will also see nhưng together to emphasize an opposing idea. Let's look at some examples.

Note: You can highlight the Vietnamese text to listen to it. Mình muốn dời cái tủ này qua chỗ khác, nhưng nó nặng quá! (I want to move this cabinet to another location, but it's too heavy!) Trà sữa ngon thật nhưng mình đang giảm cân. (The boba tea is really delicious but I'm on a diet.) Hôm nay trời đẹp quá! Nhưng mà mình phải cách ly ở nhà vì Cô-vy. 😔 (The weather is beautiful today! However, I have to quarantine at home because of Covid.)

Easy, right?! Let me know if you have any questions and keep practicing!

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